Beautiful March Wedding

When Ashlee first got ahold of me, she already knew she wanted me to be her photographer for her upcoming wedding. We first met in November and she told me her and Nathan's story. He's in the Navy and is stationed in California. She told me they're planning to be married in March because Nathan is scheduled to be shipped out a month later. They ended up having a beautiful wedding and I was honored to be the one to photograph it! 

Snowy Engagement in the Woods

I first met Madison at a coffee shop to talk about her and Dylan's upcoming wedding. We talked and shared stories for over an hour and we both knew we were going to be a good fit together. The day we met for the engagement session, it was about 10 degrees out so we were freezing but had a blast. Dylan is a firefighter and had special hand warmers he gave me to wear, which were amazing! We walked through forest, played on a frozen lake, and climbed up snowy hills. We did a ton of laughing and had the best time. This nurse and firefighter are going to have an explosive wedding!

Grand Canyon Engagement

I first met Natalia on a Skype call when she was looking for a photographer for her upcoming wedding. We talked for over an hour and she ended up booking me for her wedding in September. In February my husband and I met Natalia and Cameron at the Grand Canyon. We camped out, made smores, and tried to stay warm next to our roaring fire. The next morning we went exploring around the South Rim and found this awesome cliff for our shoot. It was such a fun day full of adventure and laughter. I can't wait for the wedding! 

Iowa Engagement

The day of Chelsea and Dan's engagement shoot the outside temp was down in the single digits, but they really wanted something in the snow. So we went for it and I'm so glad we did because this shoot is quickly becoming one of my favs!!

Lake Engagement

Katie and Kade have been dating since they were sophomores in high school. They are so sweet together, we had so much fun the day of their engagement shoot. They are super adventurous so I suggested climbing a large hill I know of that overlooks miles of fields with a perfect sunset view for the  final part of our shoot. They were game and at times it was a little tough to climb(especially with Katie wearing a dress) but totally with it!

There's nothing I enjoy more than hanging out and getting to know my couples and their story while shooting!! 

Outdoor Autumn Wedding

Jessica and Zach's wedding day was chilly and foggy with a little lite rain but they embraced it and every minute of their day was beautiful and perfect. Jessica had always dreamed of having an outside wedding. So when the day didn't turned out to be dry and sunny we decided to stay on the grounds of the venue for pics instead of a different location. The fog and mist made the pics gorgeous and unique. 

Jessica and Zach have such a beautiful love story. They first met on a blind date that was set up by a coworker and they almost knew immediately that each other was the one for them. It wasn't long before they were engaged and planning their perfect wedding. Their deep love for God, each other, and their families was the focus of the day. 

Katie and Jake's Engagement

I first met Katie and Jake at Starbucks on a Saturday morning, I had just finished working out at the gym so I was a little bit nervous meeting them for the first time. But we hit it off immediately and talked for an hour and a half about all their wedding desires, and the plans they had already made.

We decided to do engagement pics in late October. The first date ended up being cold and rainy so we postponed a few rain but still very cold & windy! By the end of the shoot my fingers were red and stiff, but this chilly autumn day with its gorgeous golden light made this shoot one of my favorites!!

Katie and Jake are planning an April wedding, and Spring should be in full bloom. I can't wait for that day!

Abbey and Greg's Park & At Home Engagement

This shoot took place when the colors of Fall were at their most beautiful. Abbey and Greg are two of the nicest and most fun people. We explored through forest and fields discovering the beauty of fall. We also did an in-home session with their precious kitty and ended the night with a massive leaf fight. I loved hanging out with these two and I can't wait for their wedding in May. 

Camie and Luke's Engagement

Camie and Luke's engagement took place at Mahoney State Park in Nebraska. Our session was on a perfect Fall afternoon. The beautiful golden sun and warm weather made it perfect! These two are seniors at the University of Nebraska in Lincoln and are super excited to graduate in May. One week after graduation is their wedding day! Its going to be one crazy busy month! 

San Diego Engagement

I met Abby and Eric in San Diego at gorgeous Sunset Cliffs. Our day was full of laughter and fun stories about ourselves. We ran around the golden cliffs and splashed through beautiful blue ocean while barefoot on the beach. I got to see Abby and Eric's adventurous side when we decided to climb down the cliffs to get to a small cove with a secluded beach to get some epic sunset pics. By the end of the day we were exhausted and ready for some food! We left as new friends, and I can't wait for the wedding in April!


Edna and Cole's Elegant wedding

Edna and Cole met in College, while attending Ohio State. They started dating and eventually fell in love. Their wedding was elegant and traditional, with a twist. Edna and Cole took tango lessons for months to be able to make their first dance extra special. Edna had beautiful fabric sent to her from Africa and had a special dress for the occasion.

Edna's maid of honor wasn't able to make it because her flight from Houston got cancelled due to the hurricane. The other two bridesmaids stepped up and read her toast in her place it was so good...they killed it!

After the toast, Edna and Cole went to change into their Tango outfits. When they came back their guests surrounded the dance floor for an incredible dance. The rest of the night was filled with lots and lots of dancing by all!


Barefoot Vineyard Wedding

Olivia and Ben had an outdoor vineyard wedding. It was a hot summer day in July with a gorgeous evening sunset. This boho bride was barefoot and full of pure joy the whole day! Olivia and Ben decided they didn't want to see each other before the ceremony so we found a way they could read letters they wrote and pray together while separated by a wall. Olivia wanted to do a first look with her Dad though, it was a heartfelt moment in which she gave her Dad her purity ring. It was a beautiful! 

The ceremony was full of funny stories, feet washing, and ending with the couple's families surrounding them with prayer. There were so many sweet moments before and after the ceremony between this couple. I felt so honored to be a part of this day!