San Diego Engagement

I met Abby and Eric in San Diego at gorgeous Sunset Cliffs. Our day was full of laughter and fun stories about ourselves. We ran around the golden cliffs and splashed through beautiful blue ocean while barefoot on the beach. I got to see Abby and Eric's adventurous side when we decided to climb down the cliffs to get to a small cove with a secluded beach to get some epic sunset pics. By the end of the day we were exhausted and ready for some food! We left as new friends, and I can't wait for the wedding in April!


Edna and Cole's Elegant wedding

Edna and Cole met in College, while attending Ohio State. They started dating and eventually fell in love. Their wedding was elegant and traditional, with a twist. Edna and Cole took tango lessons for months to be able to make their first dance extra special. Edna had beautiful fabric sent to her from Africa and had a special dress for the occasion.

Edna's maid of honor wasn't able to make it because her flight from Houston got cancelled due to the hurricane. The other two bridesmaids stepped up and read her toast in her place it was so good...they killed it!

After the toast, Edna and Cole went to change into their Tango outfits. When they came back their guests surrounded the dance floor for an incredible dance. The rest of the night was filled with lots and lots of dancing by all!


Olivia and Ben's outdoor vineyard Wedding

Olivia and Ben had an outdoor vineyard wedding. It was a hot summer day in July with a gorgeous evening sunset. This boho bride was barefoot and full of pure joy the whole day! Olivia and Ben decided they didn't want to see each other before the ceremony so we found a way they could read letters they wrote and pray together while separated by a wall. Olivia wanted to do a first look with her Dad though, it was a heartfelt moment in which she gave her Dad her purity ring. It was a beautiful! 

The ceremony was full of funny stories, feet washing, and ending with the couple's families surrounding them with prayer. There were so many sweet moments before and after the ceremony between this couple. I felt so honored to be a part of this day!


Jessica and Zach's Summer Engagement

Jessica and Zach's summer engagement took place at Platte River State Park. It was a hot summer afternoon and these were so much fun and playful. We took off our shoes to run through the water, which of course encouraged splashing and lots of laughter.  The love between these two is so beautiful and sweet. Their October wedding is going to be epic!!

Nadya and Andrey's Russian Wedding

Nadya and Andrey met in high school but didn't start dating until a few years ago. They were both born in Russia but their families moved to the U.S. when they were very young and grew up in Lincoln, NE.

Their Wedding day was full of beautiful Russian tradition and was conducted completely in Russian. I didn't understand what was being said but the emotion and love was completely transparent.

Their day started early with getting ready and first looks. After the beautiful ceremony the wedding party got in a limo and we drove around to different locations for pics. This wedding party was so much fun and adventurous! When we arrived at our final stop the temp had climbed to a very humid 95degrees. And as luck would have it our final stop was at a large fountain, which we thought would be fun to put our feet in to cool off...but the groomsmen and bridesmaids had a different idea, they decided to jump in! Best Day Ever!!!

When we arrived at the Grand Manse for the reception the wedding party was wind blown and wet and ready to party! This was a party like no other, with singing and games and lots of food. One of the Russian traditions is all the guest bring a dessert and a Russian salad. The food was delicious and their was no shortage of something sweet! This was an day I will never forget!❤️

Pacific Northwest Engagement

 We hiked through beautiful forest and tall trees until we came to La Push Beach,Washington with a wide open coastline,a hazy sky and late day light. We ran through freezing cold water with beautiful golden sunshine behind us, dancing on the rocks and glistening on the water. The sweet love between Nata and Filip kept us warm and was a perfect way to finish the day. 

Jayme and Dan's Iowa Wedding

Jayme and Dan got married June 3 and it was a beautiful ceremony with a super fun party to follow.  

When I first met Jayme and Dan I knew right away they were two of the most kind hearted people and I felt honored to be the one to capture their special day. These two have an incredible history, their mom's were college roommates and they literally have known each other since birth. As they grew up, their lives went different directions and it wasn't until Dan's sister got married last summer that they found each other again.

The day Dan proposed was on a super cold day and he had convinced Jayme they should go for their daily run anyway, and when they came to the trail bridge he got down on one knee and popped the question! Both Dan and Jayme are from a small farming community in Iowa with lots of family and life long  friends. After their first look they read beautiful notes to each other while sitting on a large farmhouse porch. Their wedding was full of beautiful traditions and a special knot tying ceremony with Jayme's Grandfather. 

After the ceremony the wedding party got on a bus to drive to some of their favorite bars and hangouts from growing up. From there we joined the rest of the family and friends to finish out the night celebrating together.  

Olivia and Ben's Engagement


I first met Olivia and Ben at Aroma's Coffee, down in the Old Market area of Omaha. We talked for a bit before we started our session and from that moment I could see that these two are so sweet and so in love, it was beautiful!

Olivia and Ben met each other in high school and started dating, and after graduation they both went and spent two years at Bethel ministries in California . Now they are back and ready to start their lives together. We spent 2 hours shooting all over downtown. From beautiful romantic pics to super fun slide pics! We ended our session with a roof top view of the was magical!

Nadya and Andrey's Engagement

I loved spending the afternoon with these two. We drove all over the downtown area taking pics, we laughed so much and even got kicked out of a location because we didn't have permission to be there!!

The love between these two is beautiful and so sweet to watch. They were both born in Russia and have lived in the U.S. since they were very young. They tie the knot in July and it is going to be a magical day, full of dancing and toasting of this wonderful couple! 

Erik and Dominique's Spring engagement

I photographed this beautiful couple on a perfect Saturday afternoon. We walked all over Mahoney State park, claimed the tower and even jumped fences to get the shot:)

Erik and Dominique met almost 2 years ago on a trip to Worlds of Fun with friends. They started dating and within a few months they knew each other was the one. They got engaged on Thanksgiving day, I was hiding in tall weeds to capture the moment!! They are planning a November wedding and I can't wait!!

Alannah and Peter

Alannah and Peter started dating when they were in high school, he was a senior and she a junior. Now they've given each other rings as a promise of their love, they are each other's forever! This couple is so sweet and fun, we laughed the whole afternoon while shooting! We decided to spend our time out at The Holy Shrine, and it was perfect!  The architecture of the building, the surrounding fields and a beautiful sunning day in winter made our time together magical!!